Women’s Cut & Color

Whether you are light, dark, grey or green, Georgia Karabelas is a color specialist that can get your hair the color you are dying to have. Ask yourself, are you happy with the current color of your hair? Chances are that even if you were happy with it a few weeks ago, the roots have to be colored or the original color has faded.

As a hair color specialist Georgia is able to help you determine an exact shade, tone and highlight to give you just the right mixture to accentuate your best features. What does this mean for you? You are not stuck with a selection of prepackaged colors in a box. Georgia takes the time to mix the exact right color for you, not just another number.

If you need assistance maintaining your color or if you are considering making changes to your hair, Georgia Karabelas can provide you with both the knowledge and skills only a color specialist can bring you.